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Crypto Facto with Josh and Jonathan

Everything but Bitcoin

In the inaugural episode of Crypto Facto with Josh and Jonathan, our hosts tackle the SEC’s latest signaling on digital asset regulation and enforcement. Does SEC Chair Gary Gensler plan to treat everything but Bitcoin as a security? Under the proposed amendments to the Custody Rule, who will qualify as a custodian of digital assets? Is the SEC coming for staking as a service, layer ones and other token issuers, and even NFTs? Listen now for Josh and Jonathan’s hot takes.


Investigations Insights

Enforcement trends in 2023

Sandeep Challa, Clare McMullen and Nik Kiri from our Financial Regulation Group and Gavin Lewis from our Dispute Resolution practice talk about the key financial services enforcement trends for the coming year.



Diversity Faculty

Intersectionality in the workplace

What are the practical issues employers encounter in relation to intersectionality and what can they do to address them? How can employers embrace the multifaceted identities of employees to foster inclusion? And what does the future hold – is a legal change on the horizon?

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