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The Diversity Faculty

Supporting you on your diversity and inclusion journey

Our market-leading and multidisciplinary team of highly experienced equality, diversity and inclusion lawyers and practitioners are at the forefront of supporting clients on the legal, regulatory, governance, cultural and strategic diversity and inclusion aspects of their business.

Customisation is key to reaching any D&I goal or ambition – to be effective, you must consider local nuance, context and experience. We can advise you on your D&I duties and responsibilities and work with you to create bespoke initiatives based on your needs and cultural objectives.

“We don’t have this relationship with any other law firm. We don’t feel like we can share common aspirations and values like we can with Linklaters. This has strengthened our respect for Linklaters.”

- Managing Director, global investment bank

How can the Diversity Faculty work with you?

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Listen to our Diversity Faculty Podcast Series on key diversity and inclusion topics for businesses, including pipeline, promotion and retention, using quotas, targets and the risks of positive discrimination, training: what’s effective and what’s not, and developing your diversity strategy and policy.

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The Diversity Faculty Talks

Explore our recent webinars and training sessions below

Diversity in Financial Services

We outline the recent regulatory focus on culture, how this fits into diversity, and what the financial regulators are trying to achieve in this space.

Explore our dedicated Diversity in Financial Services website here.
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Question Time with the Diversity Faculty

During this webinar members of the Linklaters Diversity Faculty discussed some of the key issues facing businesses in the diversity & inclusion (D&I) space right now.  

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Magenta Talk Show "Framing the human superpower"

Kenneth Cukier, author of ‘Framing’, reflects on humans’ unique ability to look through a different lens. Also in front of the camera is Linklaters’ panel of experts to discuss how they use framing in their everyday choices and behaviour.

Watch the recording in full here

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